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презентация мой любимый фильм

My favorite film.
My favorite film The Vampire
The action takes place in seriala
Misstik-Falls, the fictional small
town of Virginia, who pursue
supernatural beings. The main
focus of the show is on the love
triangle between the characters
of Elena Gilbert, and brothersvampire Stefan and Daimon
Salvatore. As the story
progresses, the focus of the
show focuses on the
mysterious past of the roster
with the participation of
Elena’s twin, Katherine Pierce,
and the family of ancient
vampires, each of whom has
her own plans.
Films actors The vampire Dearies
Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev)
Films actors The Vampire Dearies
Stefan Salvatore (Paul Uaspi)
Films actors The Vampire Diaries
Daimon Salvatore ( Ias Somerhalder)
Films actors The Vampire Dearies
And other main characters
Genre my favorite film
• Horror, triller, dramma, melodramma, fantasy.