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History of action movies

Action movie
History of the genre
• The action genre originated from Edwin Porter's silent film The
Great Train Robbery (1902). This film invented both westerns
and action movies at the same time. For the most part,
westerns are largely action movies. But not all action movies
are westerns.
• In the era of sound cinema, one of the first action films is
called "Scarface" by Howard Hawks (1932).
• The heyday of the militants occurred in the 80-90 years. Then
the most significant films of this genre were released, which
later became classics.
Modern understanding of the genre
• In the modern view, the action movie genre is a genre of cinema in
which the main focus is on shootouts, fights, chases, etc. Fighters
often have a high budget, abound in stunt stunts and special effects.
Most of the militants illustrate the well-known thesis "good should be
with fists." Films of this genre often do not have a complex plot, the
main character usually faces evil in its most obvious manifestation.
Finding no other way out, the main character decides to resort to
violence. In the denouement of the film, negative characters are
usually killed, less often arrested. The number of killed negative
characters and their accomplices can reach tens or even hundreds.
It is believed that the popularization of the so-called "aesthetics of
violence" owes much to such tapes. It is worth noting that not every
action movie does not have an interesting plot. In the modern world,
films often mix different genres.
Distinctive features
• The genre of the action movie is
characterized by:
• Setting the problem of Life and Death
• Vivid dynamic scenes and episodes of
• A pronounced gangster or police theme
The main films of the genre
The main films of the genre
The main films of the genre
Box office success of the genre
• At the moment, the top ten
highest-grossing films include 6
action films.
• Blockbuster is a very popular and commercially successful
product of the film and theater industry. Since the mid-1970s,
the term has come to denote a genre of high-budget films for
the mass audience, more often Hollywood, with the
participation of famous actors, with an estimated high
(hundreds of millions of US dollars) income at the box office.
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