both/neither, all/none,
another/other, the other,
the second.
Martianova Olga
Местоимение both (оба, обе)
указывает одновременно на два объекта или
субъекта; имеет положительное значение;
глагол – во множественном числе.
Laura is rich. Kate is rich too.
Both of them are rich.
They are both rich.
All (все) относится к трем или более людям/предметам;
имеет положительное значение;
глагол – во множественном числе.
Mary, Alice and Sue are students.
All of them are students.
They are all students.
Neither (ни тот ни другой) относится к двум
людям/предметам; имеет отрицательное значение;
глагол может быть как в ед.ч., так и во множ.ч. без NOT
Tom isn’t sad. Lilly isn’t sad either.
Neither of them is / are sad.
None (никто, ни один) относится
к трем и более людям/предметам;
Имеет отрицательное значение;
Глагол может быть как в ед.ч., так и
во множ.ч. без NOT
Polly, John and Meg don’t go to school.
None of them goes / go to school.
Polly, John, Meg
Use both, neither, none, all
to make up true sentences.
1. Katy can ride a bike. Sue can ride a bike.
* Both of them can ride a bike. They can both ride a bike.
2. Tom doesn’t drive well. Jim doesn’t drive well either.
*Neither of them drives / drive well.
3. Mat can’t cook fish. Greg can’t cook fish either.
*Neither of them can cook fish.
4. Cathy, Sally and Moira are running.
*All of them are running. The are all running.
5. Bob, Nick and Carlos don’t speak French
*None of them speaks / speak French.
Мы используем another перед исчисляемыми
существительными в ед.ч. в значении «еще один»,
I don’t like this suit. Can I have another one?
Мы используем other перед
существительными во множ.ч.
В значении «другие».
Molly likes travelling
and learning
about other countries.
Мы используем the other перед исчисляемыми
Существительными в ед.ч. и множ.ч. в значении
«не этот» или «другой / остальные».
The police arrested one man but the other one got away.
Where are the other books?
Мы используем the other (два человека / предмета)
и the second (более двух лиц / предметов),
когда перечисляем по порядку.
One man was tall, the other one was short.
The first test was easy,
the second was OK,
but the third was very difficult.
Fill in the gaps with
another, (the) other, or (the) second.
another chance.
1. He asked the coach to give him__________
the other one is silver.
2. This ring is gold, but _________
3. Amy’s got three sons. The first one is 16, __________
the second
one is 9, and the third is 4.
4. There are__________ways
to get there, but this is
the shortest.
the other students
5. Helen is much cleverer than all __________
In her class.
6. Her first novel wasn’t good, her_________one
was OK, but the third was excellent.
Choose the correct word