Conditional Sentences
Придаточные условные
Состоит из 2 предложений :
Main Clause
Example :
If it rains tomorrow, we will not come.
Main Clause
Conditional Sentences. Type 0
Когда мы говорим об обычных вещах
Present tense в обоих предложениях
Example :
Present Tense
Present Tense
If you heat water to 100°C, it boils.
Conditional Sentences. Type 1
маловероятные события
If-clause ~ Present Tense
Main Clause ~ Future Tense
Example :
Present Tense
Future Tense
If I feel sick, I will not go to school.
If it rains tomorrow, the match will be cancelled.
Exercise One
do not come
1. If you ___________________
(not come),
will miss
You ________________
(miss ) the show.
will buy
2. John __________________
(buy) a car if he
(get) a job.
3. Mary ________________(get)
a toothache if
(eat) too many sweets.
Conditional Sentences. Type 2
почти нереальные события. Сам говорящий не
рассматривает событие в реальной плоскости, а
просто предполагает, что было "бы" если "бы".
If-clause ~ Past Tense
Main Clause ~ would + an infinitive
Example :
Past Tense
Would + infinitive
If he were a bird, he would fly across the harbour.
If I had $200,000 now, I would buy a car.
Использование глагола to be
В придаточных условных предложениях 2 типа
мы используем were для всех местоимений
He, she, it were
If I were you, I would buy
that house.
She would buy a big house
if she were wealthy.
Conditional Sentences
replace IF in type 1
Type 1 :
If you see John, ask him to come and see me.
Should you see John, ask him to come and see me.
Type 2 :
replace WOULD
If I were an aeroplane, I could fly in the sky.
Were I an aeroplane, I could fly in the sky.
WERE may replace IF in an inversion
If only
Type 2
If only I were you!
Type 2
If only he were born in the USA! (He was not born
in USA)
What would YOU do if . . .
you became rich?
you found a wallet on the street?
your house caught on fire?
your best friend moved far away?
there were an earthquake in your
an animal came to your house?
Test. Conditional mood
1. It might have been somebody he knew and wasn’t afraid of, otherwise
he ..... unawares, would he?
a) wouldn’t have been caught b) wouldn’t be caught c) shouldn’t have
been caught
2. Old age is difficult to bear. Oh, that I ..... young again!
a) were b) be c) had been
3. I’d love to visit London. Oh, if I ..... this chance!
a) have b) had c) had had
4. Jeremy suggested they ..... sightseeing on the very first day of their
arrival in Tokyo.
a) went b) should go c) could go
5. You’d better ..... this water; it might be infected.
a) not drink b) don’t drink c) not to drink
6. He looked at his watch and decided that it was time ..... another phone
a) he made b) he make c) he would make
7. If you really ..... me, you would try to overcome all the obstacles.
a) love b) loved c) had loved
8. Cora called me yesterday. She sounded as though she ..... in a panic.
a) were b) had been c) would be
9. The flowers would grow much better if you ..... them regularly.
a) watered b) water c) had watered
10. I came out onto the porch to face a terrible destruction and I felt as if
I ..... .
a) went mad b) had gone mad c) would have gone mad
11. My husband would have been mad at me if I ..... his tools in their
proper place.
a) wouldn’t have put b) hadn’t put c) didn’t put
11. My husband would have been mad at me if I ..... his tools in their
proper place.
a) wouldn’t have put b) hadn’t put c) didn’t put
12. The other day I watched a dog dance in the middle of the square. If
I ..... it with my own eyes, I would have never believed it.
a) didn’t see b) hadn’t seen c) wouldn’t have seen
13. ..... you care for a full explanation, you may call any day between 10
and 11 a.m.
a) Should b)Would c) Could
14. If Rita hadn’t immigrated to Canada, she ..... my next door neighbor.
a) would still be b) should still be c) would have still been
15. We wouldn’t have gone to that restaurant if we ..... its prices.
a) had known b) knew c) know
1. wouldn’t have been
2. Were
3. had
4. should go
5. not drink
6. he made
7. loved
8. were
9. watered
10. had gone mad
11. hadn’t put
12. hadn’t seen
13. Should
14. would still be
15. had known
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